University housing or apartment (1). Общежитие или отдельная квартира.

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In dorms, students can learn to improve their communication skills and to live with others harmoniously. Roommates must adjust their eating and sleeping habits regarding to each other"s needs. Each one must adjust his free time in such way that he does not bother others while they are studying. The environment of dorms is likely the environment of formal offices where everyone must find solution to various problems and cooperate with others. Consequently, by adapting to conditions of living in dorms, students can actually prepare themselves for their future jobs. The environment of a dormitory is friendly and understanding, because it consists of students who have same goals and interests. For example, if one failed to understand his lecture, he can ask others for help. Furthermore, students can find that it is easier to find topics to chat or conduct activities together because they have so much in common.

Apartments have quietly different surroundings. Students usually have fewer neighbors and roommates so that they have less distraction. Thus, students can concentrate better on their schoolwork. As a result, their grades could be better. Moreover, living in apartments maintains students" privacy. One has his secrets that he does not want anyone to know and sometimes needs to spend his time alone to think about his problem. Another advantage is that people who live around apartments are diverse. Thus, students learn to contact with ordinary peoples and are not confined to the academic community. Therefore, students are offered a wide variety of experiences that will be useful in the future.

If I were in a situation to choose whether I would live in a dorm or have a separate apartment, I would choose to live in a separate apartment. It could be argued that living in an apartment limit the contact of a student with his fellow students. This argument goes on to assert that such students are deprived from social environments and therefore remain aloof and introvert. However, it is a fact that students can make enough friends even if they live outside of the university. Especially, in the cases that student live with their friends.

Furthermore, students can visit each other as often as they need to. They can maintain a good relationship with their fellow students in a way that does not affect their school performance. Alternatively, students who live in academic dormitories are constantly surrounded with familiar people so they cannot avoid excessive socializing even if they do not want to. As a result, they do not have enough time for studying and the get low grades.

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