University housing or apartment (2). Общежитие или отдельная квартира.

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I think it is better for college students to live on-campus during their first two years in college, and then move into an apartment off-campus during their last two years. Freshmen and sophomores need the convenience of campus life, while juniors and seniors need the independence of off-campus life. Students" needs change during four years, so should their housing too.

Living on-campus makes it easier to get oriented to the way things going on campus. You get the whole university experience. Plus, you interact more with other students. This includes not only with your roommates, but also everyone in your dormitory. The older students in the dormitory can be of a big help to the new students. Keeping up with studies during your first year is hard enough. You should not have to worry about finding your way around and figuring out the university bureaucracy.

Living in the dormitory also makes a student feel more like a member of the university community. There are more opportunities of becoming involved in university activities and networking with student leaders and university administration.

Living off-campus, however, is a definite advantage for senior students. Finding an apartment, dealing with leases and the landlord"s regulations, cooking meals, and planning budgets are all good preparations for life after graduation. This kind of independence helps senior students grow into adulthood.

Off-campus housing also gives students a better perspective on what is going on in the society. Students meet different people in the society than on campus. Getting to know their neighbors who are not students can enrich students" understanding to the society and help them adapt to life after graduation.

In conclusion, I think a combination of two years on-campus and two years off-campus is a winning combination for most students.

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