University housing or apartment (3). Общежитие или отдельная квартира.

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Accommodation is one of the basic needs of people in today"s society. The choice of living in dormitories on campus or finding an apartment off campus depends upon the student"s preferences. A student living in an apartment may seem to hold this view that he can share his room with other people who would reduce a great burden on paying off a huge amount of rent. While living in a dormitory one cannot have this type of advantage. On the other hand, a student who prefers to live in a dormitory may hold his view that one does not have to worry about getting up early and to rush for a bus or any other means of transport to attend one"s class.

The strong view presented by a student living in an apartment is that he does not have to abide by the rules, e.g. the main terms and regulations for a student living in a dormitory. Whereas, a student who chooses to live in a dormitory may strongly condemn this view: he express his view stating that a student living in an apartment also has to follow the rules of maintaining the room properly, such as to clean the rooms and make it neat and tidy, wash the bathroom properly etc.

A student in a dormitory holds this view that everything has been provided to them. All the facilities are provided at a university dormitory; while living in an apartment one may not gain this advantage. On the contrary, a student living in an apartment hold the view that a dormitory student is restricted to certain things such as they are not allowed to go out of the university beyond given times. While living in an apartment, there will not be such problems, and one is free of time restrictions.

In my view, I prefer living in an apartment because I hold my opinion that if I do not have enough money to afford a living in dormitory, then certainly I would live in an apartment where I can share my rent with other people. Every thing has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to a student to decide what he chooses and how to make use of his choice.

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