Means of transport (1). Транспортные средства

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Advances in science have thrown before us a number of options for covering distances, either long or short.

The type of transport to be used for covering distances depends upon a range of factors like distance between the and starting point and the destination, time and money constraint for traveling, availability of different mode of transports, time taken for travel, safety considerations and the number of persons traveling.

To cover a distance of 40 miles, for instance, the options I can think of are on foot, by bicycle, by motorcycle, by car, or by bus. The longest time taken for traveling this far will be on foot while the shortest time will be by car or motorcycle, but again since the number of persons traveling is one which is me, a car will not be a feasible option as it will be underutilized and will prove to be costly because of high fuel consumption and initial cost.

A bicycle will be cheaper in terms of initial cost and there is no fuel consumption. But it will take much longer time to travel, and it may cause physical fatigue. Therefore, this option is ruled out. A bus will prove to be a cheaper mode but the flexibility is limited regarding timing of arrival and departure. A motorcycle will be economical but will not be safe to drive on highways.

Therefore considering all modes of transportation available and taking into account various factors mentioned above, I will prefer to take a bus as it will be safe and economical, although it is less flexibility in terms of departure and arrival times.

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