Means of transport (2). Транспортные средства

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The 40 miles distance is not very long for me. There are three kinds of transportation tools I could use to travel 40 miles from my home. They are driving a car, taking a train, and riding a bike.

It seems very difficult to prefer one to another because all of them have their advantages and disadvantages to the extent that it is hard to distinguish. Yet that does not mean they are of the same to me. To be frank, I would prefer riding a bike. I like it because riding a bike is one of the best physical exercises. During my early high school years, I used public transportation to go to school, therefore I often got sick. Ever since I started riding a bike to school, I had never been sick again. Bike riding makes me strong.

Bike riding is also a flexible means of travel. I do not need to worry about the bus or train schedule. I do not need to care about the parking problem; I can leave my bike almost anywhere. In addition, I can go to some places where automobiles and trains cannot reach, such as rural areas. Once I rode a bike in France. Along the wine road, we biked from Strasbourg to Colmar, stopped at each small village every 2-3 miles, tasted the fresh homemade wine, and enjoyed the medieval architectures in those villages. It was absolutely a romantic trip!

Although driving a car or taking a train is faster than riding a bike, and save your concerns about the weather, they have a lot of disadvantages. Driving a car can cause parking and environmental problems, and taking a train is limited by the train schedule. Both of these means are expensive. One needs to pay for the gasoline or train tickets. No wonder, I prefer riding a bike!

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