Available higher education (1). Доступное высшее образование.

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Some people hold the opinion that university education should be available to all students, while others believe that higher education should be available only to good students. I deem the first one as the premier choice.

The main reason is that providing all students with the opportunity to obtain higher education is highly beneficial to the development of modern society. More and more people will be able to obtain knowledge and become professionals if higher education is available to all students. Since there are not only a lot of excellent professors who have significant experiences of teaching and research but also plenty of advanced facilities such as laboratories and libraries at the universities, students have much better opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills. If everyone in a society is highly educated, there will be no doubt that the society will be able to develop at a great speed.

The second reason is that it is obviously not fair to a lot of students if a university education is available only to some students. I am convinced that everyone in the world should have the same right to acquire knowledge no matter what his intellectual ability or financial status is. There is no reason for people to judge students merely based on their academic performances and decide if they should be granted with higher education. It is only fair that everyone has the right to obtaat a university education.

Last but not least, people are able to obtain better jobs since universities can better prepare students for their future careers. At universities, there are a lot of opportunities for students to participate in co-op programs. By participating in co-op programs, students cannot only learn how to write resumes but also practice their interviewing skills. All these skills gained at universities will be highly conducive for students to quickly obtain job offers after graduating from universities.

To sum up, taking into account of all these factors, we may safely reach the conclusion that higher education should be available to every student.

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