The best way of learning (1). Лучший способ обучения.

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When it comes to the issue of understand of life, some people suggest that the best way to learn about life is getting others" opinions, while other people maintain that the best way of learning is through person experience. In my point of view, the latter opinion carries more weight.

In the first place, learning from previous successful experiences is beneficial for people. For instance, a student who is preparing for an important exam can think of the past exams that he did very well, and he can review more effectively if he learns from these exam experiences. Moreover, the student can acquire the lesson from life that people who work effectively can be successful.

In the second place, learning from past failures can help people to understand the meaning of life. An example is that, losing money because of unwise investments is part of many businessmen"s experiences. When a businessman is planning to invest a big amount of money, he can look back at his experiences of the past and avoid pitfalls that may cause him to lose money again. As a result, he probably will seek advices from professional people and plan his investment more carefully this time. Learning from those failures can surely help people learn how to make wise decisions in life, and people can understand that avoiding mistakes is the keys to succeed in life.

In conclusion, although learning from one"s personal experience may have a few drawbacks, its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. Both good and bad experiences can help people understand life better.

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