The best way of learning (2). Лучший способ обучения.

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As life is rigorous and challenging for most of people (excluding children who have a silver spoon in their mouths right after they were born), everyone needs to take advices from others or accumulate experiences to face the life. However, people have different ways to learn about life. Some tend to learn by listening to advices of family and friends. Meanwhile, others prefer to learn through personal experiences. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages of these two different ways.

Some people like to understand life by listening to advices of people around them. This offers a good chance to gain knowledge and experiences from others who have already experienced hardships and tasted the bitterness of life. This method is much convenient and faster than the other one because there are a lot of experiences in life that have already been experienced by other people. Other people"s opinions and advices simply offer us a shortcut to success.

On the other hand, young people, however, prefer to learn about life through their personal experiences. However, to acquire these experiences, one has to pay a price. One must have to experience a lot of failures before he/she can savior the sweetness of success. It may also take a long time for someone to stand up from his failures. In addition, it requires a lot of time for people to accumulate these valuable experiences.

Comparing and contracting these two approaches, I personally prefer the way that of listening to the advice of family and friends. This is the best and easiest way for young people like me to start a real life.

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