The customs of the new country. Обычаи другой страны.

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Nowadays it is quite common for people to move to other countries either for work or for study. When they move, some of them decide to follow the customs of the new country, while others prefer to keep their own customs. If I were forced to choose one of the two positions, my choice would be the former.

To illustrate my point, let us first take a look on why some people dislike the idea of following the new customs. First, people who have a strong religious background that are different from that of the new country tend to stick to their own religious beliefs. Second, older people are usually accustomed to their own life styles, and it is very hard for them to change their ways of life and accept new ideas and cultures. Thirdly, some values and phenomena in western countries contradict eastern values, such as the use of drugs, alcohol and certain behaviors of young people. So when people move from a traditional eastern country to a western one, they find it very hard to accept the new customs.

Although I must admit that it is not always necessary to change our own customs, I believe that the advantages of adapting to a new culture are apparent. In the first place, by following the customs of the new country, we can learn more about the country and understand its people more quickly, and can become a real member of the country. To share the same custom means that having more things in common with local people, and it can pull people together. Furthermore, we have to adapt to customs of the new country, if they are written into the law. Take the country of Singapore for example, for many decades the law had banned the consumption of chewing gums. A young man from the United States violated the law and was served with their caning punishment.

In addition, people who stick to their way of life may sometimes feel lonely and isolated. They tend to complain about the life in the new country and most of them eventually return to their home countries.

In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of following the customs of the new country are obvious because you can easily learn about the new country and quickly adjust to the new life. What is more, you can live more comfortably and avoid troubles and misunderstandings in a foreign country if you think and behave the way other people do.

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