Being alone or with friends (1). Быть одному или с друзьями.

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There are many lovely things in our lives such as the fresh air on a winter day, the beauty of the country in autumn, learning of love and the growing of a friendship. Everyone has friends or desires friends in the pursuit of sharing emotions. Thus many people enjoy spending most of their time with friends, like me, while others prefer to remain alone.

There is no doubt one needs time for oneself. When I retreat to my dorm at the end of the workday there is no one to tell me what to do. I often write little secrets in my dairy, enjoy soothing music without being disturbed or read philosophy books. Being alone provides a time to reflect and ponder one"s future life course, with a greater clarity and purpose. Accompanied by many friends from the dorm I would have no chance to relish such retreats.

On the other hand, spending time with friends is stimulating and provides a mental break from ones daily routine. Since I am a sociable and open person, I invariably feel happy and relaxed when I do things with my close friends. We can take part in all kinds of after-school activities such as playing volleyball, swimming or climbing. Some profound, or stimulating ideas often appear in my mind when I am with such friends while being alone often no such inspiration manifests.

When I come with friends I can always exchange views with them about study, society or love thereby obtaining some interesting information or knowledge. A group of people provides a means of testing one"s ideas and learning from one another. When I confront serious problems and I am unsure of which course of action to pursue a close friend provides a means of reassurance that I am not alone in my way of thinking or chosen course of action.

Being with friends can be fun and aid one in overcoming the trying periods in life. Being happy in life means doing the things you enjoy and having someone to share the feeling with you. Being with friends most of time is an enjoyable aspect of life for me as it is a source of inspiration, satisfaction and ongoing education.

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