Life without friends. Жизнь без друзей.

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There are people in this world that prefer to live on their own, to stay as far as possible for the company of other people, to enjoy the silence and comfort of being alone, without anyone to bother them. For my part, I cannot imagine my life to be like that. I really think that friends are very important in my life and I like to spend as much time as possible with my friends. It is hard for me to enjoy the splendors of life without having anyone to share my feelings with. I have too often been away from home, from my friends and family.

I have seen wonderful places and things that could make me incredibly happy. However, the true happiness came only at the time when I could share my experiences with my friends. Everywhere I go I need to find at least one person that in the end I can call a friend. Going to a concert, to a movie or enjoying a party, it is inconceivable not to go with a friend. I do not recall ever going to a concert on my own. And I missed several occasions to go to events that I really wanted to attend just because my friends were unable to make it, and I could not go without them.

Moreover, friends can help each other. It is good to know that somewhere there is at least one person whom you can depend on when you are in need. I also enjoy helping my friends. Doing something good for someone is a really rewarding experience. While with my friends, we can also have discussions and share opinions on our future plans, our ideas, our thoughts, and our problems. Although there are arguments on the part of leading a life on your own, and not depending on other people, I strongly believe that friends, family, people around you are important part of our life. Life is so wonderful because the people around you.

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