One or two friends, or many friends. Один, два или много друзей.

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I cannot imagine a person who has not enjoyed the company of a friend. Friends are very precious and therefore, we constantly love and cherish them. Spending time with friends has always been regarded as a wonderful thing to do with no doubt. However, one might choose to spend time either with one or two close friends or a number of friends.

Certainly, there is a difference between the enjoyment gained by spending time with our few close friends and the delight obtained by hanging out with many friends. When we are spending time with our close friends, we can feel a special closeness and bond with them. With the company of intimate friends, we can be more open and true to ourselves. Although with few people around the scope of our activities is limited, it is compensated by the satisfaction that we gained from the warm atmosphere.

If a person does not like the joy attained from the company of just few close friends and wants to extend his activities with more friends, he can choose to spend time with many friends. When a group of friends gather together they can engage in many group activities such as playing games and sports, and travel to new places. This enjoyment does not necessarily require close relations among the group members. Being sociable and outgoing is good enough to create a pleasant ambiance for everyone.

I"d rather choose to spend my time with one or two close friends than being with a number of friends. With my close friends around we do not really have to do anything in particular together. For us the significance lies in the fact that we are together, sharing our time. As the saying goes, "I can spend hours without uttering a single word with my friend and I"d have the best conversation ever.."

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