Children and their time (2). Дети и их время.

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To play or to study, almost every child will face such a problem. For sure, most children would like to choose to play because playing is their nature. But parents would think it is better for them to study. Which way is better? Personally, I think children should play more in the early years, and gradually it is better for them to spend more time on books once they have reached their school age.

When we think of school study, we think of textbooks and exams. That is to say, children have to do a lot of homework to practice what they learn at school. They have to memorize a lot of knowledge in order to get good scores in exams. To those small children who are too young to go to school, learning may become a torture. And consequently their learning will not be efficient, and they even would hate learning.

On the other hand, playing is also a learning process. Needless to say, children are much creative than most of us grow-ups. Part of the reasons is that they still have a blank and original mind. They just use their own eyes to watch the world, and use their ways to explore the world. While playing together with other kids, they can practically learn many things, such as how to cooperate with others, and to help others. While playing with pets, they will know how to take care of them, and learn to take care of other people as well. While playing with toys, out of curiosity, they will ask all kinds of questions. When parents can explain to them, the information may motivate them to learn more knowledge through playing.

During the childhood, it is better to play with other kids or with toys, since they can get basic ideas about friendship, people and the world. Playing is a necessary phrase for children to be mentally and physically healthy. When children reach school age, it is better for them to go to school, and gradually start learning knowledge that is useful for their future.

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