Who influence more, family or friends? Кто воздействует больше: семья или друзья?

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Young adults may be influenced by many aspects in forming their characters and outlooks on the world. Some people believe that family is the most important influence on young adults. Others think that friends are the most important influence on them. Both views base on respective beliefs.

It is true that friends may exert great influence on young adults. They may study together in the same school and share similar experiences. They have much in common and may share their innermost secrets that they never let their parents know. Young people are easier to make friends with each other and communicate without bothering about the so-called generation gap, which is nevertheless a common problem existing between young adults and their families.

However, it is also generally accepted that parents are the first teachers in the growing process of their children. Parents teach their children how to utter the first word in their life, help them to step out their first pace, witness their first love and give important suggestions when children need them. On the other hand, children follow their parents" examples and even adore them when they are growing from little children to young adults. They are usually ready to turn to their parents who have more life experience than them for advice when they are faced with important decisions. Therefore, parents who witness most of the whole growing process of the young adults till they are mature enough are more important influence on them than their friends.

Although young adults may reap a lot from their communication with their friends of similar ages, the most important influence to their life is always their families.

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