Making plans for free time (1). Составление планов на свободное время.

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In my opinion it is always better to plan our free time because although it is considered leisure time but some people might need it to get certain things done that could not have been finished if they were left to be done another time.

Probably for most grown-ups free time is only during their weekends which is usually for one or two days only. It is actually a very short period of time if you have lots of things to be done. For this reason planning for leisure time is very important because there are lots of things that needs to be done and not all of theses things are for fun.

For adults, leisure time is not only about waking up late, spending the whole day in bed or in front of the television and reading some magazines. In fact if it is well planned, free time can be used to meet our friends, go to a restaurant, go to the cinema, go shopping or even read a nice book. Others may use it to do more important things such as taking up a new hobby or studying if they are students. Consequently their time needs to be organized very well in order to accomplish all the things they need to do compared to the short time they have.

On the other hand, if we do not keep a list or a schedule of the things that we should do, we may only finish a thing or two but time will never be enough for us to accomplish all the tasks we have. It seems to me that leisure time should not be left without planning because it is really important to many people.

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