Making plans for free time (2). Составление планов на свободное время.

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In an era when the pace of people"s life becomes more frantic and hasty than ever before, there is a growing concern among the general public about the way to arrange their own leisure time, carefully planning or no planning at all. As far as I am concerned, the former one should be wiser.

First of all, in the modern time that people are hustling around all the day and have so little free time, a meticulous plan should be provided in order not to make full use of it. Unlike the ones leading their lives in the last centenary or in the rural areas, contemporary people, especially those in major cities, have been bothered by the pressures from their bosses, colleges, and even the family members. Consequently, the free time for such people is shorter than ever. As a survey held in some large cities shows, many young people my age have to work form 9 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday, and only have some spare time on Sundays. Just as an old saying goes, how time flies! If there were no careful plans, people"s free time would elapse without any value.

In the second place, people would have enjoyed themselves more if they have thorough plans on how to allocate their private time. It is obvious that if the leisure time were well organized, even a short break would make people relaxed and ready for their next round of struggles on their jobs. What is more, according to a health report, people would benefit more if they conduct various activities during weekends and holidays. A careful plan will make sure that people can accomplish what they want to do during their free time.

All in all, in such a time that people have less time to spend than ever, a careful plan is of vital importance for people to relax and fully rest. After all, efficiency is the most crucial factor in this crazy time.

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