Which methods of learning are best for you (1)? Какие методы обучения для вас лучше всего?

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All of us have different learning styles. Some people are more visually oriented, and they are better able to absorb information if they read about it or see it presented in graphics or charts. Many people find that even if they are instructed about a given topic, they will not understand the information unless they put it to use by themselves. Still others need to process the information by analyzing it and discussing with others. I believe that we benefit most from different ways informational input.

I like to read about a topic and consult other visual learning tools such as video presentations, diagrams or charts. This is the type of informational input that is most suitable to me. I also like to keep notes on a topic so that I can refer to them later. While this form of learning works best for me, I find that it helps if the information is presented in a number of other ways as well.

Information can be absorbed better if we not only read about it, but also hear someone talk about the topic. This can personalize a topic and also help to clear up confusing points. Being able to ask someone questions when something cannot easily be understood can really help with the learning process.

Some people find that they cannot absorb knowledge until they are actually able to put it to use. While I find this is helpful, it is not the most important learning tool for me in most cases. In some instances, though, it can really make general concepts and ideas more understandable. For example, when reading about how to surf the Internet, it is difficult to grasp some of the ideas and instructions that are offered. Once you actually try it a few times, it becomes easier.

I learn best if I am able to hear a teacher or speaker discuss an issue, follow along by viewing diagrams and charts and also reading supporting material, and then, in some cases, putting that information to use by actually conducting activities or exercises related to the material.

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