Which methods of learning are best for you (2)? Какие методы обучения для вас лучше всего?

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People have different ways to learn knowledge. Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading books; others learn by listening to people talk about things. As far as I am concerned, the first method - learning by doing is suitable for me. The reasons are as follows.

In the first place, I normally have a better understanding on the things that I learned by doing them. Ten years ago, after graduated from a university, I began working for an electronic company, which manufactures color televisions. During the first several months, I just sat in my office to read the mechanisms of color television from books. Those theories seemed to be so abstract to me that I can only understand 30% of them. So I decided to go to the production floor to learn about them. After taking part in the procedure of manufacture, I was surprised that getting hold of those theories was no longer difficult to me. I was able to assemble and repair televisions shortly afterwards.

In the second place, I can remember well when I learn things by doing them. People always have such an experience: they can memorize something when picking up a book and forget it when putting down the book. Knowledge cannot become yours by reading until you practice it. Knowledge learned from books is RAM, e.g. erasable memory; while knowledge learned by doing things is written in our ROM, e.g. inerasable memory.

In conclusion, I prefer learning by doing things not only because this method can help me understand things easily, but also because it can help me memorize things longer.

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