Friends: similar or different? Друзья: похожие или разные?

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Some people like friends who are different from them, while others like friends who are similar. If I have to make a choice, I prefer similar friends.

Admittedly, the idea of having different friends is not without advantages. On one hand, contacting with different friends gives one a broader outlook to life. Different friends can enrich our experiences by their conducts and thoughts that are different from ours. In addition, they can help a person enjoy a variety of interests.

Nonetheless, I believe that similar friends have more advantages. We can feel confident and strong when we have a group of friends who share the same opinions. A person with a purpose in life - such as an artist or a politician - may feel a special need to surround himself with people who can assist and encourage him in his work.

In addition, similar friends mean the same way of thinking and doing things; therefore they are generally more compatible and easy to get along with. I can think of no better illustration of the idea than the example of my roommate and I who both like studying quietly and dislike loud music, so we can enjoy a quiet environment together and concentrate on our assignments. We both go to bed early so none of us would be bothered while sleeping. Furthermore, it is convenient for similar friends to communicate and enjoy their leisure time together. My roommate and I frequently have fun together because we have the same hobby - playing chess.

For the reasons given above, I would have to declare myself as one of those prefer similar friends to different friends.

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