New experiences or usual habits. Новый опыт или старые привычки.

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If one has never experienced the storm, how could one enjoy the beauty of the rainbow? If one has never experienced the unknown, how could one enjoy the joys that life has to offer? Therefore I always welcome new experiences in my life.

Some people like their lives to stay the same, and they do not change their usual habits. So all their life, they do not have many new experiences. They live only one lifestyle. No matter what happens in the world, they just keep their life the same way. They will not try a new job with a higher salary. For years and years they just stay with their old jobs, and live in the same town or even in the same house forever. Although some of them may want to lead a better life, they are not willing to change. They just fear changes.

We all only have one life, in other words, life is limited for every one of us, so why not take advantage of our life as much as we could? The only way to experience more is to change our usual habits and lifestyles and to try new things. For example, I have always dreamed of traveling to different parts of the world to experience different cultures and customs, to meet different people, and to enjoy different views and scenic spots. I would even live in a foreign country for a few years. Then I would really feel that I have lived a wonderful life.

Some people may say that you would have confronted much more trouble and difficulties brought by the changes in life. Yes, but life should consist of sweetness and bitterness, tears and laughter, that is the way life should be! If I have not tasted the bitterness, then how can I appreciate the sweetness? Different experiences may help me develop a profound insight into life itself, and then I could really get to understand the real happiness of life, and really appreciate the life that I have!

In a word, I always look forward to new experiences in life, so that I could enjoy my life fully.

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