Clothes make a man (1). Одежда создает человека.

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Would a frenzy people become cool, after he wears a lab white cloth? Would a child become mature, after he dresses a tie? And would a prisoner become a hero, after he takes off his prisoner"s suit? At this point, I consider that the crucial factor of a person"s behavior is not relied on what he (she) is wearing. Instead, the character of a person determines which type of people he (she) belongs to.

First and foremost, although clothes play an important role in people"s daily life, they are not the determining factor of their characters. As we can see, the appreciation of one"s personality largely depends on his (her) behaviors, including the way he (she) talks, and the way he (she) does things. After all, the primary function of clothes is to keep us warm, and to prevent us from being naked like animals. As a proverb goes, "A beggar would not be someone; even if he wears a gold hat."

Secondly, as far as clothing is concerned, there are many people wearing the same clothes, but they can behave differently. Take uniforms for example, we could not deny that some doctors are impatient when they treat their patients, while others are very nice. Some soldiers are nice to their prisoners, while others treat their prisoners badly or even abuse them. So it is quite wrong to conclude that all policemen are helpful, and all government officials are trustworthy, only because they wear the government uniforms. After all, the uniforms are only used to distinguish one job from another.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, I can safely conclude that people would not behavior differently despite they wear different clothes.

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