Clothes make a man (2). Одежда создает человека.

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I do strongly support the statement that people behave differently when they wear different clothes. In other words, different clothes influence the way people behave.

Some small examples may give some light to the point. I usually find that those who wear suits and tie behave invariably the same in general. They probably look self-confident, genteel and intelligent, although most of them do not really have these characteristics. So, what I want to emphasize here is that clothes work as a symbol today and people wear them would act like what the clothes impersonate without being aware of it. We all have the experience that when we wear a T-shirt and jeans we feel vigorous and act like a 16-yaer-old boy.

On the other hand, we tend to wear clothes that are appropriate for the environment. When people go for a job interview, men will usually wear nice suits and tie, while women will usually wear fine lady"s garments. Because people understand that "clothes make a man", and nice clothes can increase their chances of getting that job.

To take this idea further, with the help of different clothes, we can behave a way that is different from what we usual look like. For example, when a serious person who has a frustrating job takes a picnic outdoors, he will dress casually in order to remind himself that he needs to relax for this occasion. Another interesting example is that we can sometimes see from movies that a serious woman who has a formal job in an office wearing a sexy underwear and dance like a stripper at night in order to seduce her husband.

So, as we can see, people really behave differently when they wear different clothes. So why not slip into casual clothes and give yourself a break right now?

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