Quick decisions. Быстрые решения.

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I agree with the statements that the decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. Those quick decisions that people make are like bids in a gambling. Even if they have a chance to win, they are still losers theoretically.

People should never make quick decisions without fully considering the factors that are influencing their decisions and the consequences of different decisions.

When people make hasty decisions, they rarely care anything about the situation. Situation is a very important factor in making a right decision. Different decisions lead to different results, so it is very important to make a decision carefully. People who make quick decisions do not have time to look around and carefully analyze the consequences resulted by different decisions.

Secondly, there is a popular belief that people should decide quickly in order to catch opportunities. Unfortunately, that notion is completely wrong. If you made a quick decision without thinking carefully, how could you be able to catch the opportunities? "Chance favors the prepared mind," as a famous saying goes. Only when you have fully prepared, can you really grab a good opportunity when time come. Otherwise the chance that you take hastily may result in a failure.

Thirdly, even if you can quickly analyze the situation based on the facts that are provided to you at the time that you make a decision, since you do not have enough time to verify the validity of those information, the information could be wrong, which could leads to wrong decisions. Even the president of the United States can make this kind of mistake. Mr. Bush made a decision to start the War on Iraq based on the false information that his subordinates provided to him, which claims that Iraq has dangerous biochemical weapons. Maybe someday history will prove that the decision to start the War was wrong.

Life is not a lottery. Life is a stock market. Only when you make careful decisions based on thorough analysis, can you win. If you make quick decisions, chances are that these decisions will happen to be wrong, and you may lose everything down to your underwear.

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