Literature: Pride and Prejudice. Литература: "Гордость и предубеждение".

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My point of departure for this essay will be the famous novel by Jane Austen, "Pride and Prejuduce", in which to opposite minds meet and at first sight judge each other"s characters. Of course they consequently fall in love, but their instant firm beliefs in their own ability to place other people in categories is both frightening and entertaining.

Many great works of literature are based on the unpreventable conflicts that arise when different encounters between people end with hostility and dislike. Political, religious and everyday life problems occur out of the blue as a result of the stubbornness of the human mind. In the hectic postmodern world is seems often to be considered a quality to deliver your judgment without hesitation; such various areas as job-interviews, match-making and socializing in a metropolis all inspire an ability to know your goal and to reach it without hesitation and long-term reflection. The commercial industry, the media and the distinct focus on appearance in our society additionally encourages a consequence in judging other people, that might prevent a full understanding of other people"s characters.

On the other hand, as much as it may be considered a good quality to trustful and patient, it might be a significant survival tool in the modern life. Personally i believe that every person contains a true value, a personality that may someday enrich my way of thinking, and therefore I try to be careful in my immediate judgments. However, in order to navigate in a stressful everyday life that offers many encounters, it is necessary to make a natural selection - an perhaps nature has installed this in our minds under the label "personal judgment".

To summarize, I believe that both attitudes and ways of thinking are understandable, however superficial and harsh an early judgment might seem. In not giving other people time and space to prove their worth, life looses a lot of its potential. Limitless trust, however, can lead to disappointment that could have been prevented.

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