First impression (2). Первое впечатление

нравится 25 не нравится

In our social life, we may meet different people in different occasions. Some of them we may meet once; others may be staying with us for a long time, such as our classmates, or our colleagues. Some people trust their first impressions because they believe these judgments are generally correct. While other people do not judge a person quickly because they think first impressions are often wrong. Before I give my opinion, I want analyze the two opinions first.

For those who trust first impressions, they may argue as follows. For one thing, before two people first meet, they have no ideas about what the other person is like, and then they may have no inclination to cater to each other by behaving differently. At those circumstances, it is a little bit easy to get to know the person"s real character because they may behave naturally. In addition, some mysterious factors such as instinct may involve in the first impression which usually is proved to be the right one with no reasonable account, as is especially occurred in many married couple"s first meeting.

The other group of people who do not believe in first impression also have their reasons. First, people"s characters are different and complex. It is very hard to get to know them at the first meeting. If you want to know a person, you have to spend lot of time to talk to them, and observe their behaviors at different occasions, and all these cannot be accomplished just in a few hours. Second, many people do not behave naturally when they meet strangers, so the first meeting will not be a good chance to know a person.

We can see that both the two sides have their reasons. But I prefer not to judge people in our first meetings. Because to me, I am not very good at judging people and my first impressions are usually unreliable.

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