Unleash your desires! Отпусти свои желания!

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It is quite normal for people who live in the modern society to feel the necessity to acquire new things or achieve a certain status that they do not possess. This behavior is due to human nature and continuous changes in the society, especially the emergence of novel products that most people find attractive.

The process by which people develop new products is mainly by looking at what people need. When there is a need, there is a market. Although this could seem an acceptance of desire as a normal human behavior, I think desire is far better than what it is being think of, since this is the driving force for people to invent new products and discover ways to improve our life.

It is normal for people to attract to what they do not have, and it contributes to human"s own process of development. History cannot evolve if human do not have desire. Everyone wants to achieve a better status in the society, and after the desired status is achieved, a new desire appears and this becomes a never-ending process. The famous story by Alexander Pushkin, The Fisherman and the Goldfish, depicted this human nature insightfully.

The desire of human being to lead a better life and use new products has pushed the technological advancement of our society. For instance, in 1980s, people desired to use personal computers to do word processing and desktop publishing. The necessity quickly converted to personal computer products that can accomplish that task. Afterwards, people were not satisfied with computers doing work processing only. They need more powerful functions to process images, generate 3-D animations and play multi-media games. Today, the computers available in the markets are hundreds times faster than those of the 1980s, and we got bigger and much higher resolution screens. Obviously, it has been human desire and necessity that pushed the development of computer technology.

It is true that people never content with what they already have. Due to this dissatisfaction, this society is fast evolving. Perhaps we may use words such as "wish" and "dream" to replace "desire". There will be more and more new products and services that are more comfortable and easier to use, in order to satisfy people"s dreams. So, unleash your desires! Our wishes and dreams can make our life better.

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