Should people satisfy with what they have (1)? Должны ли люди довольствоваться тем, что они имеют?

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In contemporary society, there are new things coming up almost every day. Some people have to face such a fact that you can never buy a real new product, because the new one always appears after you have bought one. As a result, some of them are never satisfied with what have and they want to get something newer or something different. To some extent, it is a good way to keep up with the ceaselessly changing world. However, in my opinion, it is not always good not to satisfy what you already have.

For one thing, with the development of science and technology as well as the globalization, more and more brand new things are produced every day, along with a variety of new findings, new lifestyles, and new types of services. If we ignore all the new things and always stay what we are, the only result may be that we will be obsolete in the society. In some degree, if we all stick with old things, there will be no new inventions and advancement of the world. The continuous needs in people"s spirits can really push our society forward. Human beings live in a modern society after all, and we should have the desire to be in pursuit of a new life.

However, on the other hand, if we sought after material satisfactions without considering our financial reality, we could find ourselves in trouble. As we know, new products are manufactured and updated almost every day, so there is little possibility that you can always obtain the newest products. Moreover, every time a new comes into markets, the price is always much higher than older products. If you do not have a strong financial background to support your desire, how could you be able to afford them? For example, some people borrow money from their credit card for new and fancy products without considering their affordability. In the end they get into financial crisis.

The purpose that we look for new and different things is to live better and happier. If your desires only get you into worries and troubles, it will be a better choice to learn to give up and be satisfied. In a word, living in a modern society, we must in pursuit of our life with a flexible attitude.

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