Should people satisfy with what they have (2)? Должны ли люди довольствоваться тем, что они имеют?

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Many of the world"s religions share a belief that when a person is able to look at and confess his or her problems that person can begin to travel the on road to emotional recovery. A problem cannot be solved until it is clearly recognized. I agree with the above statement because I believe that dissatisfaction and suffering forces people to change.

History presents many examples of dissatisfaction and change. The history of China in this century might be seen as one of dissatisfaction and progress. Sun Yet San was discontented with the decaying imperial order, and so he created the "Revolution." Mao was dissatisfied with the course of events so he intensified the revolution; finally, Deng pushed the Chinese economy towards a free-market economy. Hence, China progressed towards its newfound "superpower" status.

In a not dissimilar way, during the eighteenth century many Americans became annoyed with the British regime and they start to fight for the freedom and independence. Hence the most powerful country in the world - the United States was created.

On a personal level, dissatisfaction can lead to changes within friendship and marriage. Perhaps it might even be said that true love cannot remain static. Matrimony and friendship are explorations of the higher emotions: they are pilgrimages towards the city of true values. If husband and wife are prepared to confront and discuss their problems, a blue period can give way to many years of happiness. Sometimes, for instance, a spouse may not recognize that the source of marital unhappiness is that the other partner has developed a need to have children. Whatever else may be said, most people would agree that children change the lives of their parents.

The best method of utilizing dissatisfaction is to change things before they get out of hand. An intelligent man will constantly monitor his emotions; an intelligent politician will understand the mood of his people. Some people might suggest that the transition to independence for Canada and Australia was much smoother than that of the United States because Britain allowed those two dominions to evolve with time. To take the idea further, a good parent or an astute politician will even anticipate potential dissatisfactions and therefore take precautions.

I agree with the above statement because, I believe that we are can grow up through dissatisfaction. Without the ability to recognize our discontent, we could collapse into illness. Suffering sharpens our senses.

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