Social science or natural science. Социальные или естественные науки.

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The chances of receiving education are considered the most fundamental right of human beings in the 21st century. Naturally, the argument about what the students should acquire at schools has attracted many attentions from people of various walks of life. In considering the obligatory courses required at schools, people have different ideas. Some would hold the view that it is more important for students to study science and mathematics than it is for them to study history and literature.

I agree with this point of view completely. Although both social and natural science courses play an important role in the whole education system, natural science seems to have a greater impact on human progress. Our society is developing at a high speed quite unprecedented before. One cannot deny the fact that all of these results came directly from scientific discoveries. An example is that during the period of industrial revolution, it is science and mathematics that brought many inventions and discoveries such as assembly lines, mending machines and electric appliances which has freed the most of people from manual labors once and for all.

The above reason I pointed out does not mean that literature and history cannot improve people"s lives but they have few advantages to people"s material life especially to those poor people who are still struggling for the essential needs of shelters and foods. Literature and history cannot be put into practice to some extent. Research and development of science and mathematics on the contrary can be applied to our real life and improve our living standard. Take medical science for example, the new findings of treatments of certain diseases can save lives of many people. There still exist some fatal diseases that threaten people"s lives. All this will depend on the development of medical science.

In short, all courses involving literature and history, science and mathematics are necessary and important to students. However, according to the reasons I discussed above, I want to make the judgment that science and mathematics course are more useful.

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