Art and music compulsory subjects (1)? Рисование и музыка - обязательные предметы?

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I totally agree with the statement that all students should be required to study art and music in secondary schools. It comes as a direct interpretation of the apothegm "All work and no fun, makes Jack a dull boy". The education of art and music is necessary to provide for that spice in life. The stress of life can be easily alleviated by the use of art or music, something that interests and titillates the individual. In secondary schools, students are like wet mud; they can be molded with the shapes one likes. Art and music are activities that bring out a softer, mature and a complete person. Without them, life tends to become dull and burdensome.

Students tend to get bored of pedantic learning, and need a break from regular classroom education in the forms of art and music. Providing good facilities to capable students enhances their talents in art and music. Moreover students can develop their inter-personal skills when participating in extra co-curricular activities such as instrument, vocal and painting groups. The sense of honor will encourage them to improve their results on science courses.

Art and music are an integral part of a complete human being. They are one of the essential ingredients of life. So in order to develop students with full personalities, secondary schools should impart art and music knowledge to its students. On the other hand students should not be forced to take up some form of art or music. It should be entirely optional for students to choose whatever forms of art or music that interest them.

It is art and music that differentiate humans from animals. The serenity and tranquility that music and arts provide only human can enjoy.

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