Art and music compulsory subjects (2)? Рисование и музыка - обязательные предметы?

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Life cannot be full without understanding and appreciating the greatest culture inheritances from our earlier generations such as arts and music. Secondary school prepares us to enter into college and adult life. Therefore all students should be required to study art and music in secondary schools.

Arts are a part of our life. From antique cave drawings to African tribal crafts, from Indian totem poles to modern buildings, arts are everywhere. Not to mention those art exhibitions in art galleries and museums, which attract hundreds of millions of people to visit them each year. Even our home equipments are made with a touch of art. Arts are ubiquitous.

Music is also an important cultural heritage of human being and remains a part of our present. It is common sense that music can relax our body and soul. For example, by listening to classical music that are played by traditional instruments, while gaining knowledge about the history and stories behind these music, students can really improve their knowledge, cultivate their spirits and broaden their views.

Studying arts and music in high school also allow students to take a break between those mentally demanding courses such as math and physics. These arts and music course can even help students improve their results in math and physics, because a good relaxation can help students concentrate more later on.

I am high school student myself and I believe that all students should be required to take arts and music courses during their secondary school years. It is not necessary for students to learn arts in order to become artists; but it is definitely necessary for students to learn to appreciate arts.

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