Art and music compulsory subjects (3)? Рисование и музыка - обязательные предметы?

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Art and music are the advanced products of civilizations. They have been developed through thousands of years and accompanied by the progress of science and knowledge. In this sense, some people think that all students should be required to study art and music in secondary school. In my opinion, I totally agree the statement for a number of reasons.

As is so often pointed out that art and music can broaden people"s view of the world. The world that we live in is not only a material world, but also a spiritual world. The art and music that belong to the latter can benefit our souls and form our personalities. For instance, a piece of music often can bring us different feelings such as calm, happy, sad or sorrow. I would always like to listen to Tchaikovsky"s Pathetique when I am in a bad mood; I always feel much better and ready to face challenges again after I hear it. I believe most of us have this kind of experience. Art and music education in high school can enrich students" life, even though they will not make them as a career at a later time.

In addition, the love for art and music can become a good hobby for a person who has this kind of education when he/she is young. Many people have various hobbies that make their life meaningful and they may seldom feel bored during their spare time. Appreciating art and music is a great hobby. Many students acquire the hobby of appreciating art or listening to music after they took courses in art and music in high school.

Last but not least, for some students art and music can help with their career pursuit, because they can get inspirations from art and music to achieve in other fields. For example, the profession of architecture has a strong relationship with art and music. "Buildings are frozen music." We can see that many buildings that were designed by architects were influence by some form of art. On the other hand, Albert Einstein, the Nobel Prize winner and the famous scientist, was also an excellent violinist and he admitted that music could refresh his mind and lead to more effective thinking. Moreover, some students pursue a career in art and music due to their art education in high school. They become artists or singers after they graduate.

Maybe we are not aware of it at first, but from the above arguments we could see that art and music education are very important for high school students. It will surely benefit their school life and life after

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