Old and young, can they teach each other (2)? Старики и молодежь, могут ли учить друг друга?

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Who says only old people can teach young people? We admit that older people have much more experiences than our young people, and it is true that they can give us much guidance when we encounter problems or unsolvable difficulties. However, with the rapid development of the modern society, young people can also teach the older people a lot. They can update knowledge about new technologies for the elders, share attitudes towards life with them and bring freshness into their lives.

Since living in a very fast developing society, we need to make contact with many new technologies everyday. In other words, we need to learn everyday to keep up with the latest development. For example, computers are now very popular, but we seldom see the elders use computers. If they can learn how to use them from young people, they will definitely be beneficial from it because computers have brought a lot of changes to our lives and bring us new experiences. Young people are known for their quick understanding and acceptance new things, so that I think they can teach the older about new technologies used in our daily life.

The attitudes of young people are totally different from old people. Mostly they are more positive and energetic than old people. They have a different angle to judge things. Sometimes the elders are passive towards life because they went through a lot of frustrations. On the contrary, young people are full of energy towards the life, and they are always optimistic. They proudly say because they are young, they can try millions of times. In some degree, young people"s attitudes may influence old people.

Young people also can share with old people what they like, which may result a change of old people. As we know, most young people like popular music. I have a friend who likes Japanese music very well; everyday she plays this music at home. Her grandmother often asks her to stop the music and asks her why she likes it. My friend tells her grandmother about the history of Japanese music and shows her a lot of examples. Gradually her grandmother likes Japanese music as well, which made us so surprised. Now if we go to their house, we can see my friend and her grandmother listening Japanese music together and share the feelings as well. You must be surprised like me when you know the story, but it did happen.

So, no matter what age group you belong to, we must believe that everyone has something to share with others and to teach others. Old people can give the youngsters" lessons and guidance, on the other hand, young people also can teach the elders new things and different ways towards life.

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