Old and young, can they teach each other (3)? Старики и молодежь, могут ли учить друг друга?

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To my ear this statement sounds false and a little too fare-fetched. It is truth universally acknowledged that the old people have volumes of experience, while the young have the energy and lots of creative power. Therefore I think that it is not suitable to take sides in this situation. Because in my view there is no way to determine who is better - the old or the young.

Obviously, each of these groups has its own positives and negatives. I suppose they should co-operate and be helpful to one another rather than try to rival. The exchange should be done for their own mutual benefits. Even though the old people possess a great deal of experience, it is sometimes not enough for surviving in the changing modern world. That is why they often get stuck with their dated information, without being able to break free from their own prejudice.

In many cases the old people are used to their old ways and, I imagine, it must be really hard for them to get adjusted to the new environment. But one should always remember that, like it or not, only the fittest survive. Therefore, if the old people do not want to become extinct as dinosaurs did, they should rather learn some ways from the young. The thing is that the young people are way more flexible to all of the little changes happening in their everyday life. It is easier for them to get up-to-date and to face the fact that some old ways are no longer valid. For them it is not a difficult thing to come to terms with. I guess that this is something that could be of some use for the elder people as well. If they have lots of experience to give, the young can teach them lots of flexibility in return.

In fact, I personally think that there are many things that the young can teach older people and flexibility is just one of them. But the problem is sometimes that the old are very unlikely to be willing to accept this kind of searching with their arms wide open. Most of the times they are conservative and prefer to stick to their old ways.

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