Reading fiction or watching movies. Чтение книг или просмотр фильмов.

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Watching movies is a much better option compared to reading fiction. So I disagree that reading fiction is more enjoyable than watching movies. In fact movies provide a first hand experience with real emotions. Also movies can be watched with the company of others, thus making for healthy relationships.

Movies are generally much better received compared to novels or short stories. They tend to be much more exciting and surely provide real-time first hand experience. Reading fiction, more often than not, gives only vicarious pleasure.

Also movies are a much better option for real emotions. The scenes, physiognomy of characters and background music all add up to a great experience. Howsoever good a piece of fiction is, it leaves much to be desired. The way movies exhibit a wide gamut of emotions and experiences are difficult to find in fiction books.

Another major reason for movies being more enjoyable is that one can watch movies in company of others. No such sharing is possible in reading fiction. There is nothing like enjoying a movie with the person you love, or your family members, it provides the warmth to make for a pleasurable experience.

In conclusion, I derive much greater fun, joy and excitement from watching movies, than by reading fiction. According to me, movies will always hold the upper hand.

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