Physical exercise or academic study. Физическая активность или академические занятия.

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I am surely of the opinion that physical exercise should be a required part of every school day. Even a small session of exercise, but a regular one, can go a long way to give a balanced body. The rest of the school day can take care of academic studies. The common saying "All work and no play makes John a dull boy" holds water here. Also a balanced body allows one to have a balanced mind on top of it. A small part of the day devoted to exercise can take a long way in preventing future health risks. Moreover in the age of fast-food getting rid of the couch potato image is essential for today"s young generation.

It can easily be reasoned that students have better concentration if they exercise regularly. The mind runs fresh only if the body supports it. Students always need a break from the daily tedious lectures, and exercise can provide it in the best way.

Another important reason to have daily physical exercise is its long-term benefits. Researchers have shown that daily dose of exercise can greatly reduce the risks of many diseases, especially heart problems. Physical exercise can act as a handy weapon against the rising obesity at school students.

For maintaining good health, one always needs to do physical exercise daily. So why not do it in the discipline of the school? An entire day of academic studies can make life dull for students, and exercise can act as a pleasant escapade.

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