Sport and children (1). Дети и спорт.

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Currently some young children spend a great amount of their time in practicing sports. Most parents feel quite happy because sports are good for their kids" development and team work spirit, however they are quite worried about some negative effects such as practicing sports occupies too much time, distracts their attentions on schoolwork and loses certain interests on other activities. In my opinion, everything has its good side and bad side. The important thing is to handle it properly.

Admittedly, practicing sports can help children"s physical development, which makes them grow faster and stronger than before. As we know, during children"s development periods, especially from 10 to 16 years old, sports are really helpful for children to develop. Sports can create a strong body that reduces the possibility of contracting some diseases easily. Definitely we believe that children benefit from sports.

Another good thing is that sports teach us to learn how to corporate with other members in a team. Most sports are team work. If we want to play them well, we must master some skills to care about what our team members are thinking and how to adapt each other to achieve a common goal. Sports are not an individual activity, it needs corporation and mutual understanding. This is not easy to master. Of course, for parents they are delightful to see their children to get this skill from sports.

On the other hand, practicing sports seem to occupy too much of children"s spare time to concentrate their schoolwork. As a student, one"s major task is to study hard and try to learn as much as possible, which needs students to devote much time on study or their spare time. If children devote themselves in practicing sports, it is not denying that they cannot concentrate them on schoolwork at the same time. The consequence of practicing sports too much leads children to distract themselves, which influences their future.

Actually, besides sports, there are still many kinds of activities, such as drawing, collecting, good for their developments. If a child is too concentrated on sports, it is inevitable that he will lack of chances to explore other activities and lose some happiness when engaged in different experiences.

Overall, on one hand, we should encourage our children to participate in sports activities; on the other hand, we must also remind them not to be too engaged because they should put study at the first place during their school time. There is a limit of doing everything.

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