Sport and children (2). Дети и спорт.

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Sports, a great nourishment for body and mind. When we talk about sports, we are not just talking about somebody putting extra amount of exertion into a physical activity, and at the end of the act, being totally consumed and over till the next time. Sports is much more to it, analyzing the true benefits of sports, we could find that a certain amount of time to sports every day not only keeps a person physically fit, but also mentally at the edge. This is the reason why every form of medicine today, whether be it Alopathy, Homoeopathy or even the alternative ways, all suggest to adapt a routine exercise and the best way to exercise the human body is sports.

As talking about young children, putting a whole lot of time into sports is concerned, there is a philosophy behind everything, there is a need to the human body and the human mind. A wise statement says "excess of anything is dangerous". Studying this statement we could put forward an example, the most useful thing to human life or rather the element that brings life is "water", even if water is taken in excess, it could have dangerous circumstances. No matter what examples we put forward, excess of anything turns out to be dangerous. Now as to performing sports in proportion is concerned, this proportion varies from person to person, so no set limit could be applied to two individuals, it is the task of an individual himself to find out what exactly his limits are, and that he does not end up hurting him or herself.

In the world of today as there are giant multi national organizations sponsoring individuals or teams, who happen to have some sort of promising ability. So it could be taken for granted, that an entity, if happens to polish his sports skills, could see great success in life, this success would not only mean that he will lead a healthy life style, but would as well be prosperous and rich. Thus striking the right balance, into the time given into sports and other activities would surely mean success, but after all is said, one word should always stay in a sports persons mind that is "Balance".

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