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I live in a place where the environment is being degraded alarmingly and the desert is expanding rapidly. Subsequently, the people around here are suffering a lot from this vicious environmental vicissitude. So to change the current situation is a great challenge for the people living here. I believe to invent an electronic plant grower is significant to curb the environmental degradation.

Firstly, weather condition is too severe to grow any plants here. It is not efficient for us to afforest in such a vast area either. Furthermore, if the plants could not get the basic supplies like water, amicable weather conditions, it is almost impossible for plants to survive. The invention of electronic plant grower could be scientific enough, when it plants grass or trees, it will automatically put solid ice and other trace elements which could enhance the viability of plants. Thus, the newly planted plants could easily survive in it.

Secondly, the electronic plant grower could do a lot of onerous works in the field and tolerate unfavorable weather. It can extend to the most remote place to work where there are no residents at all, but could build up effective protection barrier to mitigate sandstorm. Furthermore, the electronic plant growers consume no water, which is precious resource in the desert. They can work day and night and take full time of planting season to plant as much as plants.

Thirdly, to afforest in such a vast and tough area, it needs numerous manpower for planting in short season and taking care of the plants. As an advanced robot, the invented electronic plant growers could reduce the pressure of manpower and keep the live human away from the life limit area. To rehabilitate the environment is important more than anything else here, but the environmental rehabilitation could not do without some high-tech duplicate of human being like electronic plant grower. So I expect its birth with great hope.

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