A new product you would like to develop (2). Какой новый продукт ты бы хотел развивать.

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In most countries, people have to spend a lot of time learning a second language while at school. However, there are hundreds of different languages in the world, no one can learn them all. One of the most famous philosophers, Marx could speak more than ten different languages, which is already extraordinary for human beings. The difference between languages is a great handicap of communication between people from countries all over the world. A group of people planned to make a global language and ask everybody to learn, but finally the plan failed. Now there is a great need for an invention that can solve this problem.

If I could invent something new, I would develop an electronic translator. Unlike electronic dictionary, which can just translate a word into different languages, it can also translate a whole paragraph even a whole book into different languages. What is more, it can even translate the language you speak orally into other languages. For example, when you speak " Hello" in English, it will say "Privet" in Russian automatically when you switch it to Russian.

It is obvious that this kind of invention is needed, and when it is invented, I believe it will spread out to everywhere in the world immediately. Then people will not have to waste a lot of time to learn foreign languages, and the communication between people from different countries will become much easier. Moreover, it will enhance the speed of globalization, which benefits everybody in the world.

For it to be invented, there is still a long way to go. But the science and technology is developing and more and more new things have been invented. In the future, the electronic translator will be invented, and it will bring people more convenience.

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