A new product you would like to develop (3). Какой новый продукт ты бы хотел развивать.

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People will normally invent something that they want very much in the real life if they had the ability. As a father of a two-year-old boy, I would make a baby sitter robot. The reasons are as follows.

In the first place, a baby-sitter robot can take care of my baby when I go to work. There will be a dilemma in front of parents when they have a child, who should stay at home and who should continue to work, mother or father? With a baby-sitter robot, they do not need to make a choice. Parents will no longer give up their jobs because of their child.

In the second place, a baby-sitter robot can make my baby stay away from danger. A person cannot concentrate on one thing 24 hours a day. It will be dangerous when he/she is taking care of a baby. A baby is so unpredictable that you never know what he/she will do in the next minute. For instance, the baby may swallow a coin or fall to the ground from the bed when you just do not look at him/her for a second.

However, a robot does not have such a problem because she is never tired. She can keep an eye on the baby all the time. Any potential dangerous action will be prevented. Even when the baby is sleeping, the robot can still watch the baby if you want. In addition, a baby-sitter robot can entertain the baby. Songs and stories can be inputted in the robot"s memory and replayed whenever the baby needs them. It is so easy to change them that the baby will never be bored on one song or story.

In conclusion, I would like to invent a baby-sitter robot not only because it can take care of my baby for me, but also because it can make my baby safe and happy.

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