Childhood years (1). Детские годы.

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It is about time somebody exploded that holy old myth about childhood being the most important years of our life. Childhood may certainly be important, but if we compared it with other period if life such as adolescence, I do not see any more importance.

First of all, parents are absolutely dictators. Children do not have options, or if they do, nobody notices. Think of the years when you are a child. Who ever asked you an option? I have no such experience, to say the least. Parents choose the clothes we wear, the books we read and even the friends we play with. We have to manipulate so as not to interfere too seriously with the lives of our elders.

Even so, it is only part of the reason. We have vague memory of most parts of our childhood. Many of the things we learnt, the happy hours we spent and troubles we suffered have no trace in our mind at all. Do you still remember every quarrel you had with your little friends? Do you clearly remember every trip you had with your parents or other children? Most of you may probably say nay, I think.

However, we may learn a lot when we are children. All these may contain what we think of as the most important thing, but we are passive to learn them. Without independence, how can we say childhood is most important period of our life? So, as I see it, childhood is certainly not the moors important years of a person"s life.

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