Childhood years (2). Детские годы.

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A person"s childhood years are indeed the most important years of his life and I agree with this statement.

The initial years of childhood are the time when a person learns a lot about himself and his family and the society. A child"s mind is impressionable and he imbibes values and behavior that he gets to see around him. So the role of his family and school is of utmost importance.

It has been seen that children who get the love and support of their parents and teachers in their childhood turn out be mature and emotionally balanced teenagers and adults. On the other hand, if we look at the childhood of criminals and other anti social elements, we will find that most of them have been through tough times as children. They were deprived of proper care and upbringing. Delinquents also have a history of abuse in their childhood many a times.

Children are always inquisitive and willing to learn. So if they are provided a stimulating environment in which they can develop their talents and learn to enjoy their work, they become good citizens who are an asset to the nation. Family is the most important institution in a child"s formative years because parents are role models for their children. Children develop their ethics, moral values and temperament in tune with what they see in their parents and elder siblings. The type of personality that a child develops is difficult to change later.

So I firmly believe that childhood is a vital part of a person"s life that plays an important role in shaping his future.

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