Household tasks and children (1). Обязанность по дому и дети

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When children grow up old enough to be able to help with some household tasks, some parents do insist that their children should take those kind of family works as early as they can, I do not think there is any in properties about the parents conclusion.

As a complex activity for children, household tasks will do them good, both physically and mentally. When children are about the age of 4 or 5, some simple tasks such as wiping the kitchen floor or cleaning their own dishes after supper will urge them to balance their using of their forearms and wrists, fingers, and develop their brain power to control all those cooperating activity of arm muscles and their whole nerve system. When they grow up a little more, maybe parents could teach them to operate on washing machines or to use microwave-ovens, that kind of activity can make them learn the basic principles of auto machines, which no doubt will make them to face the outer world in a brand new way.

Helping in family works also can take children into more active communication with their families. When parents first teach children to use simple tools, children will learn how to understand the instructions clearly, and they may learn to communicate with other kids taking the same assignment to solve their own problems. So, family work is not just a kind of work assignment for children, it is more like a kind of learning process, they can learn not only how to finish those assignments but also learn how to communicate with each other.

After finishing those household works assigned to them, kids always get compliments from their family, this will encourage them to try different things in a more creative manner at home or at school the other day.

In a word, I think it is very beneficial for children to take the household tasks as early as they can, that will make them more active, more intelligent in communication and more happy in living with their families in harmony.

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