Household tasks and children (2). Обязанность по дому и дети

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Should children be required to help with household tasks as soon as they are able to do so? People have different opinions. Some people think that parents can do all the household tasks without children"s help, children are still too young to do house work and sometimes they even make things worse. Other people, however, argue that it is very useful for children to take part in the household work. As far as I am concerned, I agree with the second opinion.

In the first place, children may have the sense of contribution when they take part in household tasks. After a child was born, the parents are always the part that gives, such as feeding, changing clothes, and bathing the baby. Others help children because they are too young to do these tasks. When they grow up, they will gradually have the ability to do something, such as washing clothes for themselves, cleaning the room for themselves. If they are required to do what they can do, after finishing their jobs and looking at the result of their jobs, such the clean clothes and the clean room, children will have a strong sense of contribution and success, which will help them form a good personal character.

In the second place, participating the household tasks will teach children how to cooperate with other people. For instance, When doing a house cleaning, one person cannot finish it all by oneself. Different tasks should be divided among several people. For example, dad cleans the windows, mom cleans the kitchen, boys clean the floor and girls decorate the wall. Gradually, children will get to know that they need to cooperate with others to make things done better and faster.

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