Uniforms and highschool students (1). Форма и ученики старших классов.

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I hate uniforms! It makes all the students look the same. When I am trying to find my friend from a group of student, I always make mistake because I cannot tell the difference among the girls who are all wearing the same clothes. Moreover, I am always nervous about my uniforms since I may not have another one to change into. The other one is still waiting to be washed or is still wet. After P. E., you cannot identify which coat is mine, so I just take one that looks like it. I am sure the coat I am wearing now is not the one I had first. That is my life with uniforms.

Because everyone is against it, my school revoked this rule. Then, we could wear everything we want to. But new problems came up. Everyone began to buy new, brand name, expensive clothes and the campus because a big stage in no time. At last, the uniforms came back to our lives.

Undoubtedly, everyone has the freedom to choose what to wear and, of course, everyone wants to make himself/herself good-looking. But when we are just students, study is our first important thing to do. Paying too much attention to attire can influence our study. Furthermore, we may spend too much money that is not earned by ourselves but come from our parents" hard working.

The reasons above cause more and more schools make a rule to forbid trendy dresses or make students wear uniforms. It is not a good way but an effective way to solve these problems.

If we want to get rid of uniforms forever, we must solve these problems by ourselves instead of the schools rule. We should earn school"s trust by our behavior, then we can thoroughly say goodbye to uniforms!

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