Uniforms and highschool students (2). Форма и ученики старших классов.

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When asked about what to wear to school-uniforms or not, some people hold the opinion that to wear school uniforms is better than to wear other clothes one want to in many ways. Others, however, stand a very different ground. Personally, I prefer to wear school uniforms because it has more advantages.

There are numerous reasons for me to believe to wear uniforms are better and I would in here explain few important ones. The main reason is that to wear school uniforms can make the students more concentrate on study. It can be given a concrete example that students go to a school that requires them wear their uniforms will surely have less trouble in picking clothes to wear every morning. And they will not pay their attention to the clothes others wear; this means they can be more concentrated on the study.

Another reason why I advocate the attitude of that wearing uniforms is better lies in the fact that the uniforms is specially designed for the students. I believe it suits for them very much and can do well to the students at school. On the contrary, some of the students do not know what is good for them, and will choose some clothes that do not suit them or even do harm to them. All these demonstrate the undeniable fact that to wear uniforms at school is better.

Of course, choosing to decide what to wear to school also have advantages to some extend, this enable the students to develop the habit of making choice all by themselves, that is to make decision themselves. If all the factors are completed, the advantages of wearing uniforms carry more weight than that of not. From what we have discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that wearing uniform at school is better.

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