Uniforms and highschool students (4). Форма и ученики старших классов.

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It is a confusing question to decide whether to wear regulative school uniforms or not. As far as I am concerned, although school uniforms will not make everyone satisfied, the advantages of wearing school uniforms outnumber those of the opposite views.

The first and the most important function of school uniforms is let young students focus on studying, not diverting to compete with other classmates" clothes. If school uniforms do not exist, being easily impressible, children will pay much attention to what their friends and stars on TV wear to show fashionable, fancy and stylistic pattern. It is reasonable to make the young people wear uniform to prevent them from diversion of studying.

Furthermore, school uniforms save money for students" parents. Because of love, they hardly refuse to buy new clothes for their children even though they really do not need yet. The young consider little about money and have small resistance to the temptations of the fashionable T-shirts and jeans, and their parents usually spoil their children. So school uniforms can help students learn frugality, plainness and neatness are much more worthy than fashion.

The last but not the least reason for school uniform is to strength the spirits of students" organization and the obeying of regulations. That moral practice will benefit them to the preparation for future occupation and experience.

In short, school uniforms are in use of students" study distraction, frugality, and moral benefits. We can safely draw the conclusion that school uniforms are valuably recommended.

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