Winning the most important aspect of playing a game (1)? Выигрыш- самый важный аспект игры?

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To my mind all the humanity is bit by bit losing the very important strain of enjoying life as a process not only gaining any profit. As it is happening with all life throughout, then it concerns the playing games as well. Of course some kind of award, at least wining, is very important to gain sense of complacence and self-confidence, but it should not be the main purpose of playing games. Therefore I strongly disagree with the opinion that playing game is fun only when you win. Here go my reasons.

First of all, the main purpose of the game is to enjoy the game as the process and through this process to communicate with other players you are playing with. This is extremely important both when you are keep playing with your family members, and with your friends. If playing with our family and friends were fun for us only when won, it would loose its main purpose of bringing joy of communicating with other people through the game; be it more serious games, for example Chess, or simple games with the ball. Therefore it is very important to teach people this kind of playing from early childhood.

Secondly, there exist games, especially popular in the western world, serious sport competitions, as basketball, tennis or football. In this case playing game brings joy only when it ends by winning, for they are supported by terms of money and recognition. Then, I think, games gain a strained meaning, because sometimes they more look like war actions, rather than competitive games. In this case is very important not to loose the human proprieties and game may be fascinating as well.

At the end I would say, that it is very important for people of different ages to learn to gain fun and joy from games without winning, just communicating and getting more acknowledge with other people through the game. Because, to my mind, that is the main purpose of the game.

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