Winning the most important aspect of playing a game (2)? Выигрыш- самый важный аспект игры?

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The statement in the direction is a long-term consideration of many people including me. Many people will argue that playing a game is only fun when you win. I, however, after thinking about it on many occasions, decide to stand up against this view for the following reasons.

The first and the most important reason for my opposing the idea is that playing a game, no matter you win or lose, helps release a person from the heavy pressure, in most cases, resulted from intellectual activities. There is no better example than myself when I was trying so hard to enter the university. At that time, when I was too exhausted to memorize any single incident in the history book, a play of badminton would refill me with fresh energy to go back to my studies, though I hardly won any of these badminton games as my partner is an excellent player. Therefore, the biggest advantage of playing games lies in the fact that it helps people relaxed.

Another reason for my disagreement is that one will find out his or her capacity of making progress while playing a game. When learning a new game, if your opponent is a more mature player than you are, it is for sure that you will not win him or her at the beginning, but in the process of the game, if you are a conscientious player, you will definitely learn to grasp the basic skills of a certain game, which enable you to play better and better. Consequently, the awareness of your ability in learning new things is the best award you can find in game playing.

Therefore, I will conclude by saying that playing a game itself is worthwhile and to win or not to win is not a matter to concern since you could get rid of the feeling of exhaustion and confirm your confidence as a learning-capable being.

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